I’m so glad you stopped by.  I’m K.L. Dougherty.  I’ve been busy the last couple of years writing young adult fantasy novels.  I’ve included samples of two of those novels here. 

Arroon Stone Seeker is the story of a foster kid who has no family and no real home.  What he has instead, is a magic power that is unique in the universe.  It might not be enough to help him find the family he longs for, but maybe it will help him save the world.

Mutant is about a girl who thinks she’s having a bad day when she finds out she’s dying of cancer; that’s before her town is attacked by mutants. 

In addition, I’ve included a couple of extremely short stories, just because I thought you might find them interesting.

Also, check out Eric Elfman’s website.  He writes some fun books for kids and also coaches writers.  If you are looking for help with a story, Eric’s a great resource.

I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me at kldougherty@kldougherty.com





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